Hi my name is Taniya Rahman…


I am currently doing an apprenticeship with CB Benefits. My Apprenticeship is for only 1 year, and after that 1 year is up I will be a qualified Admin Assistant. Hopefully by the end I will have gotten my NVQ in level 2 Business Administration. What is great about being an apprentice is while you are learning, you are earning as well.

I never thought I would be one of those people who would do an apprenticeship, as that is something I was not at all interested in. However I am very glad I chose that route. In the end I chose to apply for an apprenticeship doing administration because this if the field I wanted to get into. Also because many employers were looking for experience in that field and I had none, so it made most sense to work and learn at the same time.

 “I’m with Apprenticeships because it’s more than a qualification, it’s experience too which is more valuable.”

What do I hope to Gain from being an Apprentice? Well throughout my apprenticeship I hope to gain the knowledge and skills it takes to be a good administrator. I would also like to gain more qualifications at the end by passing all the exams that I have to take. It would be great to have built good relationships with the clients, and have more of an understanding about their businesses and what they do. Also have more of an understanding about my job role and take on more responsibilities.

During my apprenticeship, I have an assessor who comes every month to review how I am doing and then she sets me assignments to complete ready for the next visit. During the visits we discuss my coursework and how I am finding everything. Sometimes my assessor has a chat with my mentor to see if I am performing well. The coursework I have to do is done on an electronic file which is called one file, it shows all my submitted coursework and how I’m progressing. Luckily, when I am set coursework CB Benefits let me allocate Friday afternoons to do it so I am up-to-date with it.

I am expected to do a couple of exams, just to reach the qualifications I don’t have. Which I think is great as it gives me a second chance to gain qualifications. These exams are expected to be taken in 2015, towards the end of my apprenticeship. This gives me a fair few months to revise on the topics that may come up. In October I had an exam which was called “The Technical Certificate”, this was held at Weir Training in Chertsey. It was a workshop where I had to be out of the office for the whole day. In total there were 4 exams, which fortunately I passed so that was one weight off my shoulders. Now I just have to focus on my other exams due later in the year!

To sum up my apprenticeship, I would say it has been pleasant so far. I have been here for about 9 months now, so half way through. Wow, it has flown by! To think about how much I know now from what I did in the beginning makes me very proud of myself. At first I needed quite a lot of help with writing emails responding to them, but now I can do the majority of them by myself. I really feel I have settled in well and find the day to day tasks easier than I did in the start. My work colleagues are great and the company as a whole I find is very supportive and helpful.  All in all, I would recommend Apprenticeships to anyone who is looking to earn while they learn.  It is a great way to develop and create a path for your future.

“For me, an apprenticeship has been the most logical way to success. The only alternative was overnight stardom, but I can’t give you a formula for that”

"Earn while you learn"
“Earn while you learn”